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-growth and it will not cost anything like $5 trillion. >>> plus, did president obama, hillary clinton and susan rice lie about the 9/11 benghazian attack? the latest sworn congressional testimony sure makes it sound that way. >>> first up tonight, let's do some stock investigation. fourth day of losses across the board. dow dropped 129 points. is the tepid earnings season to blame or are you guys missing a political revolution which will surround the economy? let's talk. we have mike holland, david goldman and michael farr. michael, i don't care about third-quarter earnings. that is so yesterday's news. i can't stand it. that is just so yesterday's news. it's boring. it's nothing. maybe the guidance has something to say. but the economy is not in bad shape. the economy is not in bad recessionary shape and a political revolution is coming and i want to get your take. after you get through taking profits, michael, what happens next? do you buy them back? >> i think you do a little bit, larry. i think there's certainly time to take some off the table. i'm glad we don't have to pay attention to third-quarter earn
clinton stuck with that. they ran an advertisement, a tv ad which they put into pakistan. they said that at the dover air force base when the kafblgets of the ambassador and the others who were killed were right next to them and for joe biden to say he didn't know, jared, i'm sorry. for joe to say he didn't know they wanted more security, all of the evidence is pointing completely the other way. if you don't like my adjectives, fine, but all of the evidence is pointed in the wrong way. >> the outcome of the foreign policy discussion and this is a consensus i've heard from both sides is when paul ryan consistently said we don't like what they're doing at the end of the day, he didn't have any alternatives to say how he would do it differently. >> that's not right, jared. paul ryan, i don't think he was going lie to the american people. and what did charlie lamb testify? asked directly if the funding was the reason the contingent was right? she said no. >> because the budget cuts come later. you're right. >> hang on a success. i've got another tape and we'll switch subjects over to on
the same market under a reagan or a bush or even a clinton looking at a 20 or 25 multiple, we'd be trading at 2,000 or 2,500 in the s&p. we're looking right now at a situation where the weakness over the course of the last couple of days has been nothing more than protection being bought into the unknown which is the election, and that's -- >> that's ancillary weakness. >> i'll just repeat some of the things i said last night. i'm certainly no stock picker. leave that to my great pal, the brilliant jim cramer. all i'll say is in a romney victory i think the growth factor moves up to 4% growth in this country. i don't care about europe and china. i'm just saying in this country. they will probably follow. look, that means what? you start buying cyclicals, start buying industrials, start buying materials. you buy energy because romney is pro energy. you buy coal because romney is pro coal. you buy health care because romney won't nationalize the entire health care system. these are areas people will be buying on any dips or corrections >> i think you've got to buy everything if romney wins.
clinton claimed during the monica lewinsky scandal our founding fathers were philanders. this is an outrage. >> this is different than bill clinton. i want to stay with this ag department. we talked about the gsa and all the corruption going on. they're willy-nilly taking taxpayer dollars. i don't know if you know how much. the reports say a couple thousand dollars and have people chant. i don't like chants, by the way. i'm offended by that part, too. how much dough did they spend on this chicago consultant? >> if they're willing to admit 200,000, it's probably a lot more. this is a government-wide program. we had the same thing going on at nasa with the administrator a couple years ago when he was going it to outreach with muslims and we had it with the fbi director last year when he met with muslim groups. it's one thing to create diversity transformation, but it's another thing to use taxpayer money for these things when it's not what the agencies are about. it's clearly inappropriate. >> this is the agriculture department. what does this have to do chanting our foref
, but -- >> we had the best -- >> same unemployment rate for the eight years of clinton as for the eight years of bush, 5.2, 5.3. >> but i'm looking at the last 60 years. >> right. >> cutting taxes and reducing regulations does not produce job growth. and the record backs it up. the record backs it up. >> but that's like talking in a vacuum without any of the external factors. >> not over 60 years. s acraze aas casey stengle saidn look it up. >> over 60 years the united states of america has always grown at about 3.2%. >> i'm talking about job creation. >> you can look it up. >> it is eloquent but the fact is you've got to have decisive ways of increasing investment in this country so you can create jobs that's going to require a change in the law, a change of policy, governor romney is being decisive about it and frankly the president looks very weak and indecisive and doesn't have a plan to make things better. what are we going to do, mark time for another four years? think of the damage that does not just to the country but to individual people. it's time for a change. >> ed, out of curiosi
with a radio broadcast last night blaming everyone else. >> charles schumer called for a return in clinton era tax rates. >> you know, it would be a huge mistake to take the dollars we gained from closing loop holes and put them into the highest income brackets rather than reducing the deficit. >> it is most regrettable that he is do that go. he is throwing a huge monkey wrench into that. and byes way, cap gains go up and he is doing his own constituents in new york. a great disservice. coming up next, since the president's debate fi asco, obaa has done nothing but debate big bird. >> and romney is climbing in the polls and all that coming up next. >>> welcome back to the kudlow report. in this half hour, president obama getting a ton of donations from china and a ton of foreign donors and it is illegal. why isn't he putting a stop to it? i don't see how they make it through each day. i couldn't do it without faith. do they vote blue or red? ralph read is going to tell us about that story. >> but first, mitt romney has bolted past president obama in the polls. leading 48-47. now he is closing
can see right now they are down about 80 cents. >> bill clinton would love to win one. and he's nominated. >> he is nominated. >> i'm just wondering, if they were trying -- i'm trying to figure out whether it would help or not. if the guys that do try to influence our elections over here, europe has better ideas for who should lead our country than we do, we think anyway. >> i'm looking through the list. i don't see anybody mentioned twice yet. >> i don't think you can win twice. if it were bill clinton, does it help or hurt in the re-election of barack obama? i think it sort of help because he gave the big speech. but then again, you compare the two. i'm not sure -- they need to think carefully. if they're trying to help obama in the election, which the euro trust tries to do -- >> i think it's a nonstarter. >> want to rile the republican base up? >> i think a lot of people would look and say there was a president that -- >> mother teresa. >> there are some good ones. >> the dalai llama. >> did you see he gave a speech last night. >> who? >> clinton gave a speech last night a
and your studies is not possible, as bill clinton said at the democratic convention it's arithmetic. >> can we taxle the deficit without affecting the middle class? >> if i were vice president biden i'd put that back on the table and push it because it's too late to change your position 30 or 40 days before the election in a campaign that's gone, you know, for a year and a half. it's too late especially on an issue which you've been talking about every single day for those 18 months. it's too late. i'd take the view you can't change your position on something like that 30 days before the election, you can't change your position on repealing every fapset of obama ca facet of obama care or every facet of dodd-frank. we have a debate tonight, so to say nevermind, that doesn't work. you're asking me from a biden point of view. >> i understand, but you can't -- is it fair to ask president obama how he's going to deal with the deficit if we don't eventually look at broadening the base and including the middle class? because there's been studies done that show you can tax the people that the presi
, clinton. it spiked on the news the ipo was happening and worries about the rising price of milk. a strong move by white wave could cause them to move up. you have to consider this white wave company is in the same pantheon as haines, celestial, two stocks highly valued in large part because the market likes companies that recognize healthy eating is the way of the future for years and years and not just a healthy week at n nbcunivers nbcuniversal. healthy group produces profits. huge consumers of the products will tell you for the record they think silk is the milk of choice. bottom line. dean foods has a healthy organic division buried in their milk and dairy business no one seems to want it right now and they're doing the right thing to have a hot and healthy organic one. i think this is a terrific opportunity to buy a great breakup story at a discount to where i expect it to travel right back up to. after the break, i'll try to make you even more money. >>> coming up, red hot? the mercury keeps rising on cramer's hot list of stocks that could close out the year with a bang. so far, six
it together with the former clinton budget director. >> who disavows it. >> this idea came from the clinton commission to save medicare chaired by senator john bro. here's the point. >> which was rejected. >> if we don't fix this problem pretty soon then current seniors get cut. here's the problem, 10,000 people are retiring every day in america today, and they will for 20 years. that's not a political thing. >> if we just did one thing, if we just -- if they just allow medicare to bargain for the cost of drugs like medicaid can, that would save $156 billion. right off the bat. >> it would denied seniors choices. >> seniors are not denied. >> absolutely. >> they are not denied. folks, all you seniors out there, have you been denied choices? lost medicare advantage? >> it's working right now. >> because -- >> vice president biden, let me ask you, if it could help solve the problem, why not very slowly raise the medicare eligibility age by two years as congressman ryan suggests? >> look, i was there when we did 1983.with social security in i was one of eight people sitting in the room that in
should probably return to clinton era levels and stay where around there. this will come as heresy to some of these on the other side who not only wish to extend the upcoming rates in the lame duck but also hope to cut rates even further in tax reform. >> schumer is really laying down a marker in these negotiations for those on the left who don't want to compromise with republicans who say that taxes ought to be lowered or at least overall taxes ought to be net neutral after tax reform is completed sometime next year after the fiscal cliff debate. what schumer is going is a washington technique called protecting your flank, which is you set down a marker from where you're going to be on the left, and that way later if you have to compromiscompromise, you cant to your republican colleagues just how far you've come to the center when you're negotiating. the republican, of course, are going to be doing the same thing on the other side. that's why you see these markers getting set down. they're often very far away from each other as these negotiations begin. that's what we saw yesterda
of the money calls. to use a clinton phrase, there's nothing wrong with a that will can't be fixed by what is right with apple. i think that i don't know when that will be, but i think we will see some big quarters in the not too distant future around could it trade sfloer of course it could trade lower, i'm long. staying long boat. >> over to the semis quick. on the 28th, the guys announced what you didn't want to hear, the stock is at a major one year level, 12 times the sector. some of the other guys will follow. again this is an interesting place going into this quarter to be picking up semis that had their faces taken off. watch that one. >> accenture a name we don't give enough credit to or talk b a nice dividend, john mentioned, the stock has been on fire and have an analyst conference i think on thursday of this week in new york. you can probably see the stock continue to run up into that conference. >> big data, pete? >> i like the big data play, still like apple at these levels and i think the next catalyst will be this mini ipad, i think bigger than people think. going into the
of security. the security hasn't been this tight since bill clinton visited back in 1999. 7,000 police officers are on duty and they've blocked off the city to the protesters because at any cost they do want to avoid violence flaring up. on it so it's now a red zone. so police is on heavy guard because they'll have water cannons available, snipers are positioned around where the german delegation is staying. why is she coming now, why didn't she visit the two previous governments? because she knows hostility towards her is extremely high. remember for the better part of the last three or four year, she was seen as a scapegoat for the tough austerity measures that have been implemented here and that has led to the deep, deep recession in this country. well, she wants to send a message of support and solidarity about the reform efforts that have already been taken. but privately she'll be pressuring to say you have to continue with the reform efforts and we're not coming with any gifts. we'll make no further concessions. that will be her tough message as she comes here today. back over t
. this is the tightest security since bill clinton visited back in '99. 7,000 police officers are on duty, they're lining the streets. and we're here at the square where the violence and riots have usually taken place. the square is very slowly but surely filling up with people and i'm guessing there's around 1,000 to 2,000 protesters here. the public unions and private sector unions are staging a three hour strike for their workers to be able to established this rally. right now it is very peaceful, but we'll keep you updated on what's happening the next couple of hours. back over to you. >> i thought that they were banning protests today to try and keep the situations from getting out of control. >> you're absolutely right. but these protests by the two busiest unions, the private and the public sector unions, they have already been confirmed. so will he can actually go through. but of course they want to block off the city that there will be any impromptu protests over the next couple of hours and they can't rule out that there will be clashes with the police as more and more people are trying to stre
grounded. remember jimmy carter with anwar sadat and was it clinton, we tried for so long. so watching that, i think style will matter more than substance because a lot of the substance got lost and then the style i don't think favored joe biden last night. maybe you have a different opinion. >> no, i don't think the style favored joe biden and i think that was the byproduct of what he was trying to provide to the democratic ticket and did which is a level of aggression really going after paul ryan almost from the beginning. and going after mitt romney in a way that president obama didn't do and wishes he had done in denver last week. we've seen some movement toward mitt romney in the polls. you saw that when joe biden raised the 47% video and went very hard about the values that mitt romney expressing there. but of course that provided an opening for paul ryan to come back at joe biden and his reputation for say things in the exactly the right way. >> i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. >> but i always say what i m
money to hillary clinton and if you look at all the political contributions i made pre-nbc it was all over the place. biden raised all of his money from the financial services industry. in scranton which he brings up all the time i'm told nine out of ten people will tell you in a poll they don't like the guy. he hasn't done anything but he brings it up constantly and i will also say i thought it was rude, i thought it was disgusting and extremely nasty the laughing, the smiling. i got to tell you, if i was paul ryan, i just, i have more respect for paul ryan today than i did yesterday. >> just for having survived the 90 minutes? >> i could not have sat there with the smirking and the laughing. i couldn't have done it. i would have gotten up and punched the guy in the face. >> we had david walker on last night who said the biggest negative points went to biden for not appearing vice presidential. >> i don't know what the american public is going to think. i could only tell you that i have a problem watching biden do that stuff and i have more respect for paul ryan than i did yesterday,
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16